We all know that establishing a startup is both scary and challenging at the same time. But aside from those things, Plum Digital Hub even experienced a pandemic and a huge bush fire when starting up.

But instead of feeling discouraged, the PDH family decided to see the glass as half full and make the most of the situation to take the leap of faith and started opening up shop.

Rachel Plum, the Sales and Marketing Director of Plum Digital Hub, started the business when she realized how powerful and effective Digital Marketing is when you use it for your business.

She then created a talented and fun team of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. All are very talented and fun to work with. Individuals that never stop training and learning new things to provide only the best to their clients.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we would like to show our sincerest gratitude to our clients and the people who continue to support us. Rest assured, that we will do our very best to elevate our skills and provide the best quality service your money can buy. And we will continue to treat your business as our own.

Our team looks forward to more years with all of you.

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