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    Welcome to Plum Digital

    I'm Rachel! A Digital Marketing Expert.

    You can count on me and my team to help you with anything online.

  • We're a Website, SEO and Social Media Company for Startups and Small Businesses

    Plum Digital Hub is a full-service Digital and Lifestyle Marketing agency based in Wangaratta City, Australia

  • Meet the team

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    Marketing Director

    Rachel Plum is a talented Digital Marketer specialising in management and sales. She first encountered how powerful and effective digital marketing is when she acquired the business of a jewellery store.


    Since then, she started running the business on Social Media and built a Website; it began to grow bigger because of its wider reach and the 24/7 availability. Because of her experience and determination, Rachel set up a mission to help businesses, especially smaller ones, to have their digital presence.

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    Business Consultant

    Aaron’s experience is in Management and Company start-ups. He has over 20 years’ experience in various companies including, Agricultural Equipment Industry, Auto Parts Industry and E-commerce retail.

    He has a big heart for his family and wants to help lead other people to success by assisting them and implementing structure systems.

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    Senior Accountant

    Justin's experience is in Management Accounting and Human Resource Management. He has over 20 years Domestic and International experience working with both small and large organisations in a variety of sectors.

    He has a passion for driving business growth through structural financial control and the development of team environments.

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    Web Dev | Graphic Design | Creatives

    Erwin’s experience in advertising, graphic design, industrial design, multi-media, marketing,
    Photography and digital media spans more than 17 years having worked for a wide variety of
    organisations in the US, Middle East, China, and Australia.


    Erwin has expertise in brand development and is highly skilled in developing websites and marketing collateral for corporations and organisations.

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    Graphic Designer and Trainee Digital Marketer

    Recently joining Team Plum is Chris. He is now the resident graphic designer and also a Marketing Trainee of Plum Digital Hub.

    With a diploma in graphic design, Chris is adept at creating graphics and animations. He will certainly improve the look of your business using his graphics. And he would love to help you take your business to new heights!

    Aside from that, he is also someone that loves creative projects and conceptualising new ideas with the team. So you will definitely be in good hands!


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    SEO Specialist/Copywriter

    Vinny is an SEO Specialist/ Copywriter that also specialises in marketing and content creation for social media.

    She is passionate and driven to provide clients with output that will surely fit their brand and will help them achieve the recognition that their brand deserves. And to achieve this, goes through extensive lengths to learn and study the brand as if it was her own business.

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    Kieren has been creating photographic imagery for around thirty years.
    he has worked in various companies like the Wangaratta Chronicle and The Occasion Studios Wangaratta. He has done almost all types of Photography for newspapers and magazines, commercials, portraiture, and even weddings.

    As a professional photographer with years of experience, he will surely be able to provide you with the best outputs for you and your business.

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    SEO Specialist

    With 7 years of experience as an SEO Specialist along with a Web Development background, Jeffrey is the best go-to guy in everything SEO. He is also an expert on Onpage, Offpage, and Technical SEO. In addition, he has been an SEM specialist for two years.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Web Design & Development

    Design & Branding

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    Social Media Management

    Business Consultancy & Accounting

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    We've got a top notch team!

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    fill out the 30-second contact form. We will get in touch with you in 24 hours or less to schedule a call so you can tell us what you need.

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    Quick Chat

    In our initial phone call, we will talk about the key functions, timeline, and design of your website.

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    Review Project

    The proposal will include a complete list of the features of your website.

    You’ll also be able to review the timeline and the cost of the project. If everything works for you, we’ll proceed to the next step.

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    Free Mockup

    We will send you the mockup of your new website in 5 days or less. Of course, what you’re getting is just a preliminary draft.

    When you decide to work with us, you will get unlimited revisions until you’re happy with every aspect of your new website.

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    If you’re happy with the free mockup that we’ve designed for you and you decide to work with us, we finalize everything in a contract. You have the final say.

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